Zepperoni Rolls

Your choice of pepperoni, sausage or ricotta cheese with melted provolone & mozzarella cheeses wrapped in dough and baked to perfection. Served with marinara sauce on the side.
Starting at $3.99

Loaded Nachos

Your choice of either chicken or thinly sliced steak piled high with tomatoes, onions, black olives, jalapeños and cheddar cheese sauce topped with sour cream & salsa on the side.

Garlic Twists

Homemade dough twisted and baked with garlic white sauce. Served with homemade marinara sauce on the side.


Fresh Italian roll thinly sliced and grilled, topped with diced Roma tomatoes & onions, drizzled with balsamic glaze.

Chicken Quesadila

A fresh tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, green peppers & onions with creamy, melted provolone, mozzarella & cheddar cheeses. Served with sour cream & salsa on the side. Try it with jalapenos for an extra kick!

Freebird Chicken Tenders

Tender chicken breast sliced & lightly battered for a juicy inside and crispy outside! Served with your choice of one of ten Zeppe’s sauces.

Potato Skins

Crispy potato skins topped with premium bacon, melted cheddar cheese & green onions. Served with sour cream on the side.

Bavarian Pretzel & Cheese

Giant pretzel with salt & creamy cheddar cheese sauce

French Fries

With your choice of salt or cajun seasoning!

Twisted JoJo

Lightly seasoned crispy potatoes wedges.
Starting at $1.99

Garlic Bread

Italian rolls baked with garlic white sauce. Add Cheese for $.99. Served with a side of homemade marinara sauce.

The Ocean Fried Calamari

Served with homemade marinara sauce & lemon wedge on the side.

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Thick onions hand-dipped in seasoned beer batter, served with Ranch dressing on the side.

Provolone Wedges

Creamy provolone with Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs served with Zeppe’s fresh, homemade marinara sauce.

Breaded Portobella Slices

Perfectly seasoned and served with ranch dressing.

This & That

Provolone Wedges, Portobella Mushrooms Slices, Boneless Wings and Twisted JoJos served with marinara sauce and ranch dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Seasoned shredded chicken layered with medium heat buffalo sauce and melted cheeses. Served with crunchy tortilla chips.

Monday Daily Special

9" Cheese - $6 - 12" Cheese - $8 - 16" Cheese - $10 (Additional charge for all toppings)
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